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Finding a bathtub to accommodate to your health condition or disability can be time-consuming. However, Walk-In Tub Central can save you the time and hassle. We have a large selection of walk-in tubs; any of which can meet your needs. All our bathtubs are manufactured with premium materials and adhere to strict quality standards. By offering you our at-home consultations at no cost, we can help you select the perfect bathtub for your home.

Walk-In Tub Central offers a multitude of products including:

  • Standard Tubs: If you're suffering from arthritis or any debilitating condition, we recommend our standard tub. This tub can ease your pain, improve sleep, and provide a relaxing experience.
  • Wheel Chair Tubs: As a wheel chair user, you may need someone else's assistance to take a bath. With our wheel chair tubs, you can keep your dignity and shower in peace.
  • Limited Space Tubs: When you're in need of making space in your bathroom, our limited space tub can help you. They may be small in size, but are big in performance.
  • Over Sized Tubs: Our "Over Sized Tubs" provide you the freedom to stretch as far as you need. We can inspect your bathroom to determine the right sized tub for your home.
  • Our Showroom: We have the only showroom in Northridge to experience a live walk-in tub!
  • Our Warranty: While a top-quality tub should be durable, unforeseen problems can arise. We have the best available warranty in the business, ensuring any issues with the tub will be handled quickly and at no expense to you.

When you choose us at Walk-In Tub Central, you can be sure you're making the right decision. Our bathtub specialists are highly trained to help you find the walk-in tub that not only provides you convenience, but also ultimate comfort. Added bathtub options, such as a neck rest cushion or jet massage systems, can easily be installed into your tub. We perform several tests prior to installation, ensuring you're receiving a fully functioning and safe tub. Contact (844) 444-4882 to book your free at-home consultation today.

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