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Your walk-in tub is a lifetime investment in comfort, convenience, and safety. Because your walk-in tub is something you will use on a daily basis, you want to purchase a tub that is made to the highest standards of quality in every feature it includes. However, it's important to keep in mind that when you purchase a walk-in tub, you're not only purchasing a product, but a service as well. Choosing a walk-in bathtub company serving Northridge that features strong support and an effective warranty will ensure that you are pleased with your purchase for the entire lifetime of the bathtub. Walk In Tub Central is proud to offer top-quality accessible tubs with the warranties and support you deserve for your product.

Why a Good Warranty Is Important

While a top-quality tub should be durable and deliver the functionality you expect, unforeseen problems due to manufacturing or installation can occur. Purchasing a bathtub from a walk-in bathtub company that provides the best available warranty for its products will ensure that any issues with the tub are handled quickly and at no expense to you. The warranties extended by Walk In Tub Central ensure that if you have problems with the tub or its components within the timeframe covered by the warranty, the problematic components will be repaired or replaced at no charge. These warranties and guarantees are designed to protect your investment, as well as recognize the value of your time. Walk In Tub Central's warranties cover products that have been installed, modified, and repaired either by our own personnel or by a company that we have explicitly approved.

Walk-In Tub Support

Walk In Tub Central is pleased to offer an additional two-year in-home warranty for our bathtubs to customers who live within 100 miles of our warehouse. This warranty provides service and support at no extra charge if the need for additional support arises. Under our walk-in tub support and service guarantee, you'll enjoy

  • fast response to any issues that may arise during or after the installation of the tub.
  • effective repairs on all supporting equipment and systems, including hardware and other integrated components of the bathtub.
  • custom modifications or alterations to improve the usability or accessibility of your walk-in bathtub following installation by our contractors or a contractor we have approved.

Choosing a local bathtub company such as Walk In Tub Central provides you with the convenience of fast, effective support if it ever becomes necessary following the installation of your accessible bathtub. Contact us today by calling (844) 444-4882 to discuss our products, warranties, and service options in Northridge.

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